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Landscaping in NJ - Crossroads Nursery
Landscape in South Brunswick - driveway plantings
A formal boxwood hedge on both sides of the drive creates an estate-like feel when approaching this home. With various ornamentals, as well as a unique espaliered Blue Atlas Cedar between the front right windows, there are many plants that are sure to turn heads. Annuals create a wave of color when entering the pool area, and another beautiful Blue Atlas Cedar creates a waterfall-like feel behind the actual waterfall of the pool.
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flower image 1
flower watermark 2
shrub watermark 1
Landscaping in South Brunswick
Landscaping in South Brunswick - overview from driveway
Landscaping in South Brunswick - front right overview
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Landscape in SOuth Brunswick - paver sidewalk and flower beds
Landscaping in South Brunswick - patio step-up
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Landscaping in South Brunswick - pool landscaping
Landscape in South Brunswick - paver patio
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Landscape in South Brunswick - hot tub and waterfall
Landscaping in SOuth Brunswick - sidewalk-driveway accent
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