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Crossroads Nursery’s exhibit “Venetian Masquerade” at the February 2013 NJ Flower and Garden Show won a People’s Choice Award. The entrance was flsnked by two tall Cupressina Norway Spruces (resembling columns). A large Venetian mask of shrubbery was made from Gold Thread cypress, Rheingold arborvitaes, and yucca. Venetian masks decorated the massive trees. Along the “canal”, there was a Venetian gown made of eucalyptus and roses, as well as a gondola made of boxwoods and Blue Atlas cedar.
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heuchera watermark
Landscaping in Central Jersey
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Wine in the Venetian Masquerade garden
A section of the Venetian Masquerade gardens
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Potted flowers in the Venetian style
Along the canal
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Venetian mask made of cypress, arborvitae, and yucca
Venetian doorway
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