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Landscaping in Central Jersey, Crossroads Nursery
Landscaping in Central Jersey Project 19
Crossroads Nursery's exhibit at the 2012 NJ Flower and Garden Show in Edison. The theme was "Alice In Wonderland," and it won the People's Choice Award. The exhibit featured the sight and sounds of a soothing waterfall (where Alice daydreamed), a Scotch Pine Pom Pom tree (resembling the mushroom where the caterpillar sat and asked, “Who are you?”), the Queen of Hearts Garden, a heart-shaped hedge made of boxwoods, and the famous Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (The seats of the table were made of various shrubs, like gold thread cypress, and the cake was made of white carnations.)
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Landscaping in Central Jersey
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Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Garden gate
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Flower arrangement at pond
ornate table
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Fountain and heart-shaped boxwood hedge
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Alice in Wonderland exhibit
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