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What's involved in a landscaping project?
To begin the process of installing, changing, or upgrading your landscape, please contact us by phone, email, or in person. We will then set up an appointment to look at your site. Owner Joe Sr. or his son, Joe Jr., will personally come to look at the site, sketch out the proposed work, take photos, and assess what materials will be needed.

After the visit, using our landscape design computer program, we insert the pictures we took of the proposed work area and "work in" the new landscape design (or landscape elements) to help visualize what your new landscape will look like. Within a few days of our visit, you can come to our store and see a digital picture of what your landscape will look like, even before work begins. This helps clients who can't visualize how a certain object will fit into a certain area. For example: If we proposed a Flowering Cherry on the corner of your home, we'd insert the new tree's photo into the photo of your existing landscape as if it was already planted there. Once this is done, we will present you with an estimate for your job.

Furthermore, if you like what you see, you may personally walk around our nursery, with the help of one of our staff members, and personally pick the plant material or hardscape material that'll be used on your property.

Your job will begin within two weeks after everything (size of plant material, price, design, etc.) is agreed upon (depending upon the weather conditions, of course). Once on the job, we work only on your landscape project (and your project only!). You won't find us at your home one day, and at another location the next day. We work until your job is complete, and you won't find us starting any new projects. Also, Joe Sr. or Joe Jr. will be on the jobs supervising and working, making sure things are done to perfection. We guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

We invite you to come by and find out how we can transform your home or business. If you have more questions about our landscape process, please don't hesitate to visit our store or contact us.

Landscaping in Monmouth Junction NJ