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Here at Crossroads Nursery, we have been providing plants, landscape material, and landscaping services for Monmouth Junction, South Brunswick, Princeton, East Brunswick and the surrounding areas of New Jersey for over 20 years.

Sitting on 6.6 acres, our nursery started as a dairy farm owned by Mr. Baker, who owned several acres of the surrounding property. Joseph Polito, owner of Crossroads Nursery, was in the landscaping business for ten years before first thinking of transforming the old dairy farm into a vibrant tree, shrub, and flower display (as well as a Christmas tree wholesale and retail selling lot.) Joe acquired the property, and he then set out to reconstruct the 100-year-old historic dairy barn. With many thanks to the Historic Society and Township of South Brunswick, he was given permission to restore the historic site. Working endless hours, Joe not only restored the interior and exterior of the barn, he also restored the charm and nostalgia that the barn added to the area so many years ago. Crossroads Nursery was born!

From the very beginning, Joe was a stickler for detail and quality. When he first started, whether he was planting one azalea or reconstructing an entire landscape, he was on the job, making sure that the work was done "the right way". As the business grew, Joe employed his son, Joseph Jr., who received a multi-season "working education" under his father's diligent watch. Twenty years after Crossroads Nursery was founded, Joe Jr. continues to follow his father's guidelines in a full-time role at Crossroads (after graduating from West Virginia University in 2007 with a major in Agri-Business Management and Rural Development). Today you'll find Joe Jr. at the nursery daily, answering questions and meeting customers' needs, right alongside his rightfully-proud father.

Crossroads is more than just its owner and manager, however. Our dedicated employees, many of whom have been with us since the business started, are the largest source of our success over the years. We believe that their knowledge and workmanship speak as eloquently as the work of Joe Sr. and Joe Jr., and we thank them...and we're sure you'll agree that they're among the best in the business.

And of course, we thank you, our customers and clients, for patronizing our business and for being a part of our "family". Thank you, and we look forward to many more years of happy gardening together!

Crossroads Nursery's Monmouth Junction silo and barn
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